:D). See more ideas about april fools pranks, pranks, good pranks. by the 19th of july, (Friday). Camp Prank Ideas. They decided to put a fake skeleton from their class lab into a girl’s bed while she was out one night. Then watch the confusion. The 200+ Best, Hidden & Most Powerful Features & Changes for iPhone, 22 Things You Need to Know About iOS 14's Newly Redesigned Widgets for iPhone, Best New iOS 14 Home Screen Widgets & The Apps You Need, 13 Exciting New Features in Apple Photos for iOS 14, 9 Ways iOS 14 Improves Siri on Your iPhone, 16 New Apple Maps Features for iPhone in iOS 14, 19 Hidden New Features in iOS 14's Accessibility Menu, Every New Feature iOS 14 Brings to the Home App on Your iPhone. 17. Let's face it—anyone who has ever cohabited with another human being has had their roommate wake them up. Hide the alarm clocks in different places throughout your dorm room. 15 of 30. *REVENGE PRANK* SMASHING MY HUSBANDS XBOX! #boys Bet them that they can't balance two glasses on the top of their hands (palms … But since you know the personal detail of your best friend you can use it to make an even more threatening, frightening phone call. Send Anonymous Letters. 16 of 30. 19 of 30. Just remember what Uncle Ben taught you: "With great power comes great responsibility." Dump the bag of M&Ms into the plastic tub. SMASHING MY HUSBANDS XBOX! #shopping The Hubby Strikes Back. I know her locker number and can get into it. Replace toilet paper with a roll of ductape. Tape a picture of a troll face to the bottom of a computer mouse. Nothing to do with spiders though, I am not that mean. Book plumbers, air conditioning service men and other service providers on the same day during a time you know your victim will be at home. Uhm , I need an idea b/c I want to get a goody - goody girl who always gets me in trouble to get a taste of her own medicine , I know you think that revenge is not the answer but i don't care that is not answering my question , so for the love of the pope don't write that , I will just ignore and delete it . Hold the paper or cardboard on the opening of the cup, then turn it sideways. High Five Prank. Be prepared for revenge. Advertisement. Watch your drunk victims grab a handful and get disgusted with the fruity and chocolatey mix. More memes, funny videos and pics on 9GAG. #girls Two words—practical jokes. by 123 go. Dump the bag of Skittles in there as well. The Best Evil Pranks To Play On People. 17 of 30 . #fools 10 of 30. ), 6. Media Source . #jokes So, how does one make sure they get along with and remain on good terms with their new dorm mate? Watch people get grossed out after you transfer the "mysterious" slimy substance onto their hand. Prank calls are a common way to get a revenge on someone. #substitute The Toilet Paper Prank. #teacher While it may be the oldest trick in the book, it still proves successful to this day. This nasty cola prank is essentially harmless (barring allergies), but be sure to replace anything you mess with. #heartache 11. Go around giving high fives to anyone you pass. Things needed for this prank are some itching powder and some people high on your revenge list. Revenge Prank is an American reality television series hosted by Pauly D and Vinny Guadagnino, featuring prank victims who are given the chance to exact their revenge on the friend, family member or loved one who originally embarrassed them. (this is one you can do to your school computers!) If you can manage to get your hands on their cell phone, this revenge prank will be really something. Tape a picture of a troll face to the bottom of a computer mouse. ketage from Croatia on May 11, 2013: LOL , sounds like it would have been fun to be in your class, coming from a highly disciplined school, there wasn't a lot of pranks being pulled by teachers or students. #comebacks They hung out in the joint bathroom when they heard her come in expecting to hear her scream. (this is one you can do to your school computers!) Enemies at school are always a nightmare because you can't avoid seeing them. 9:21. Before they go to the loo, make sure you head there first and rub the itching powder on the toilet paper. Grounds for divorce. Besides the fact that you might be Satan himself, here is a way to look nice, but remain naughty. Bob's sister was quite attractive and got a lot of attention from the boys at her school. 3. One of the best times of your life is your senior year in high school… Barf. They'll think you are totally hardcore and you'll have successfully asserted your dominance. Run into the room yelling how you found a huge spider. Order Services Flood your victim's home with appointments. 5. I thought it was a pretty clever an in depth prank, confusing all of the students who weren't in on the prank. http://bit.ly/wengiemerch Check out my Back To School Pranks Using School Supplies! 13 of 30. "...put bubble mixture in a toilet and let a sibling flush!!! This will cause mayhem and no-one will be able to get to their classroom without getting wet socks. This prank … 5 of 30. 2. Cover the floor of someone's room with plastic party cups. This is a prank you can pull on anyone in your dorm. Advertisement. Eat and enjoy the weird looks! Media Source "You want the rest of my strawberry shake?" and starts teaching the class. "Sure!" Getty. So a good prank for her, but one that won't be too embarrassing? :D Your party guests will be in for a big surprise MWAHAHAHAHA. (BUBBLE PARTY! This is especially helpful if you have someone who constantly parks in your spot. you are at the right place! Dump the bag of Skittles in there as well. High School revenge / pranks? Tie someone's scissors together using those plastic cable/zip ties. Add Tip Ask Question Comment Download. New episodes will premiere on January 7, 2021. Some pranks mentioned here are classics – innovative, clean, and funny. Pay Back is Hell literally gives you hundreds of the best new high-tech and old-school ideas--all l ogically categorized, outlined, explained, and illustrated with instructive, hilarious images. 6 of 30. Set the alarm clocks to go off at the exact same time. This prank is probably the easiest and cheapest to do, using the universal symbol of "what's up" and "heeeeeeey", but that doesn't make it any less hilarious! BUY MY MERCH OUT NOW! If your dorm mate is especially loud in the morning, this might be the perfect way to get back at them. I answered, with a serious look, that I was running around playfully with a classmate during our break, when suddenly, I had a colossal collision with the teacher and she ended up with a broken leg. But you can control how you react to them. Feb 10, 2020 - Explore Heather Gay's board "Revenge ideas" on Pinterest. Everyone is poor in college, so don't be a tool. Fill each glass with water and help them balance. Put up a sign saying, GET LOST!! 7 Harmless (But Slightly Evil) Back-to-School Pranks for Your Gullible Dorm Mates, Premium A-to-Z Microsoft Excel Training Bundle, What's New in iOS 14? It's a simple and easy anonymous revenge prank, and probably one of the safest to pull off as well. The easiest way to deal with them is to simply ignore them. 2 of 30. Replace someone's deodorant with butter. Clean out the mayonnaise jar until it is completely empty. Beg for eggs as breakfast in the morning. When he/she finally figures it out and changes it back, find the phone and … Once you've gotten to know your dorm mate a little better and earned their trust, you'll effectively be able to completely take it away by messing with their food and drinks. Looking for clever pranks, gags, practical jokes, dirty tricks or just plain old-fashioned revenge? Tell a friend you know a great trick. It's that time of year when high school students say goodbye the their past four years of coddling, ready to enter the "real world" and the next chapter of their lives—college. Dump the cola into the sink until it's empty. I had a 'friend' who played revenge pranks on a poor fellow to get even with a certain chap who was stalking his sister. Be it playing practical jokes on your friends, or having a revenge prank, they will definitely lighten up the entire atmosphere, and also create a lasting memory. Get at least 3 packs of powdered jello and mix it in the water it until it dissolves. 8 of 30. :O). #insults REVENGE PRANK ON HIGH SCHOOL BULLY, KARMA (SLEEPING WITH HIS MOM) Watch the video and join the fun convo with 9GAG community. Advertisement. Replace someone's chap stick with glue :0. Need a good revenge plan? Advertisement. Wrap everything with tinfoil in someone's room. 7 of 30. 4. Do it so that they can't tell that it is you. This is a prank you can pull on anyone in your dorm. Get a bar of soap and paint it with clear nail polish! My sisters and I had this huge plastic spider that we would hide in beds and showers. Put clear tape over a doorway so when they come in, they walk into an invisible wall of tape. lol. 12.

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