For individuals who work in industries where encountering heavier fire is possible, we suggest supplementing your BulletSafe Bulletproof Vest with either the BulletSafe Ultralight Alpha Bulletproof Plate (for rifle rounds, Level III protection) or the BulletSafe Lightweight Ballistic Plate-Ceramic (for armor-piercing rounds, Level IV protection). Buy It Now. Condition is "Used". Antique Vintage Bullet Proof Body Armor Test Vest. Level IIIA armor protects against Remember that you will be wearing your Level IIIA bulletproof vest over a shirt. Considering how handguns play a large role in the majority of deadly accidents and shootings in the United States, the Level III BulletSafe Bulletproof Vest is more than enough for your daily protection needs. Clients who have bought our, Because we believe all individuals deserve to buy the protection they need, all of our BulletSafe, In terms of shipping, the Bulletproof Supply Store can ship out BulletSafe, BulletSafe Bulletproof Vest with either the BulletSafe Ultralight Alpha Bulletproof Plate, BulletSafe Lightweight Ballistic Plate-Ceramic. C $56.89 shipping. Linden, Tennessee, Great price for such a high quality protection vest. Kevlar Vest. Usually, a level 3A bullet proof vest can withstand.22 long rifle lead rounds,.380 ACP, 9mm,.40 full metal jackets,.357 magnum, and other handguns. Safety with comfort. It also provides protection against the threats mentioned in [Types I, IIA, II]. The NIJ, or National Institute of Justice, is the country's most premier resource in testing and ranking the protection strength of body armor. Your loved ones will also sleep better knowing you are wearing quality body armor to protect yourself. For only $299, the BulletSafe Bulletproof Vest is the best value in body armor. Undercover security personnel have maximum protection in this ultrathin and ultralight bullet proof vest, designed to be fully concealed while meeting the requirements for body armor. Bullet Proof Vest Ultralight Concealed Level IIIA. Five major upgrades are now included in the vest to make it more concealable, more comfortable, and ready to work. Buy here. We are convinced, that if you need to buy a bulletproof vest, that the BulletSafe Bulletproof Vest is the best choice for you. Kim Gi-Doo and Gang Yoon found that cotton could protect against bullets if 10 layers of cotton fabric were used. .44 Magnum BulletSafe is the best value in body armor. Stay protected with safevest most reliable and cheapest 3A bulletproof vest … Our level 3A bulletproof vest stops all handgun rounds, tasers, and is also stab proof for only $279 with free worldwide shipping! C $346.60 to C $506.61. Especially for individuals working as security detail, BulletSafe Level IIIA body armor will help in providing an extra layer of safety, especially for what may be a deadly close encounter. Due to the overwhelming popularity of this item for our Sale. Vest Bulletproof Level 3 Used Bulletproof Vest Emersongear Fashion Bullet Proof Tactical Vest Army Military Plate Carrier Used Bulletproof Vest Level 3 Price For Sale US $40.77-$89.74 / … They answered all my questions. Please contact us for a list of our warehouse sellers in Connecticut, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.). Free postage. It's light and can go underneath clothes, I am very satisfied with the quality & with the service If you are thinking of purchasing Level IIIA bullet proof vest, there are several factors that should be taken into consideration, making sure that you will end up with the right one. Brand New. Bullet Proof Vest Body Armor level IIIA 3A w/ Ceramic Ballistic Plate - ROBO . Solo Survival: How to Survive Alone in the Wilderness for 1 week --Eastern Woodlands - Duration: 34:07. Pre-Owned. Perfectly fulfills its intended purpose. MSRP: $499.00. That's why we sell our bulletproof vests and body armor at a fair price, compared to other bulletproof vests and body armor which may cost up to $800 but not necessarily provide the same level of protection. Terry McDonald, Just ordered this two days ago, and just recieved it in the mail today! When it comes to being any type of clothes, it's important to find the right fit for you. About 15% of these are Bullet Proof Vest, 0% are Safety Clothing, and 6% are Other Police & Military Supplies. Hagor Press Personal Body Armor Bullet Proof Vest Level 3A IIIA Press-Body Armor. I recieved the product very quickly. All of our bullet proof vests for sale, have just been produced in the last month from NEW Kevlar and other ballistic materials. For individuals with stockier builds, we suggest ordering a vest from the top of your size range. Being shot 6 times and surviving this truly gives me that extra piece of mind, very well made feels very strong follow the chart and you’ll be good! With the BulletSafe Bulletproof Vest, you will be well guarded against handgun rounds as well as rounds from a .44 magnum. This vests includes the carrier, as well as the panels or inserts that provide protection. Level IIIa Body Armor - Best 3a Cheap Bulletproof Vest - Stab Proof Am very satisfied with the product itself, might be a little restrictive for some at first as one or two others noted, but it's fine once you're used to it. Bullet proof vest in NIJ level IIIA (3A) | PGD-Alpha. Tom McElroy-Wild Survival Recommended for you S$ 735.60. Consequently, the higher the level of protection, the heavier and bulkier the vest becomes. We accept all forms of payment, including cash, check, and credit card. Regardless of your occupation or your personal interests, if you are handling firearms or may experience deadly encounters with firearms, investing in a bulletproof vest is investing in your livelihood. I wore this for about 5/6 months on the job and kept it clean and hung it up everyday. Clients who have bought our Level IIIA BulletSafe Bulletproof Vests and other body armor include but are not limited to law enforcement officers, security guards, armored transport drivers, ATM service technicians, private investigators, pawnbrokers, gas station attendants, and repossessors working for financial institutions. No matter your size, there is a bulletproof vest that will fit you. CALL BEFORE YOU BUY,MAKE SURE THE VEST IS NEW! I mean it was basically overnighted and I picked the free option.. great job guys thank you. bullet proof vest level 3a. level IIIA 3A Bullet Proof Vest Body Armor Large w/ 2x Free Anti Truama ROBO L. offers 1,061 level 3a bullet proof vest products. Instead, you want the width of the vest to be secure around your stomach. Over many years in the industry, We have developed a bullet- and stab proof (20 joules) vest that is so lightweight and flexible that it will feel like a part of you. Be careful not to buy USED VESTS with new carriers without knowing it! Tested in accordance with NIJ standard 0101.06. DESIGNED TO BE WORN OVER THE UNIFORM. I was able to chat live and let them know what I was looking for and they found it for me! The same goes for bulletproof vests and other body armor. In this case, one of the first things that should be done is to read reviews from other users in the past. I bought a Bulletsafe vest and I added the plate-armor I was wearing to both the front and back. At the Bulletproof Supply Store, we strive to provide well-crafted bulletproof vests and other body armor and accessories so you have that lifeline when you need it most. The BulletSafe Level IIIA body armor is also stab-proof. The wearer can keep the concealable protective vest on during prolonged periods and ensure that the back and front of the torso remain protected. This vest can be worn both as an internal or external body armour to provide bullet resistance for up to a .44 magnum. Compared to even the most modern bulletproof vests and body armor, the BulletSafe Level IIIA Bulletproof Vest's is currently ranked at the NIJ's IIIA level performance-wise. While a Level IIIA-ranked vest is already strong enough to withstand most handgun rounds, unfortunately, this type of vest cannot protect against heavier rifle rounds or armor-piercing rounds. For mor einfo, please google "NIJ Threat Level 3a "(or IIIA). Don't settle for other vests or body armor that offer level IIA or level II. Level IIIA 3A | Body Armor Inserts | Bullet Proof Vest | Expert Vest … Bullet Proof Vests come in two different types; hard and soft. We believe that everyone deserves the right to protect themselves and that all individuals should have the tools necessary to secure their safety. The strap configuration makes the vest completely invisible under our chlothing. Bulletsafe made it easy for me to upgrade my bodyarmour. A wide variety of level 3a bullet proof vest options are available to you, such as supply type. And the rest, as often said, would be history. Bullet Proof Body Armor HQ Prescott Valley, AZ Phone:(480)695-8291 M-F 10-5 Mountain Time Or click Contacts. The BulletSafe Level IIIa Bulletproof Vest is the perfect tool to offer that level of protection. Jennifer SKU: .357 SIG Press Personal Body Armor Bullet Proof Vest Level 3A IIIA Press-Body Armor. I've been looking for a particular pair of sandals online with no luck, Avi asked if he could help me and he was a marvelous help. Camouflage vest bullet - knife & needle - proof type VIP for women and men / project COBO Design. Copyrights, All rights reserved to 2000-2020, Bullet Proof Vest Super Light Super Thin Level III-A, Bullet Proof Vest Ultralight Concealed Level IIA, Custom Made Bulletproof Vest Ultralight Concealed Level IIA, Custom Made Bulletproof Vest Ultralight Concealed Level IIIA, Embedded video for Bullet Proof Vest Ultralight Concealed Level IIIA, Level III Polyethylene Ultra-light Standalone Plate (1.5 kg / 3.3 lb). Lightweight Bullet & Stab Proof Vest Delivered in 1-2 working days Weight: Approx. Ballistic Level 3A Covert Vest - Bullet Proof Kevlar Concealable … The concealed protective vest can be kept on for lengthy periods and ensure that the user gets full protection of his torso from both the front and the back. However, the prototype of the vest that we know of today was not created until the mid-19th century. New UHMWPE Bullet Proof Vest Protection Level NIJ-IIIa Multi-Layer Micro Fiber! Historically, ballistic body armor has existed since the 16th century, used by the Korean navy and European generals. Press Personal Body Armor Bullet Proof Vest Level 3A IIIA Press-Body Armor. Police Force Bullet-Proof / Body Armor Vest Level IIIA 3A MADE IN ISRAEL NEW. Moe. Most of our team are used to white undershirts so this is a little more obvious under clothing but a good product nonetheless. 100% GoldFlex® makes for a super-light and super-thin bullet proof vest. Bulletproof Vest, Bullet Proof Vest, Body Armor manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Level 3A Military Bulletproof Vest with Magzine Pouches, Military Camouflage Full Protection Bulletproof Vest, Military Anti-Riot Helmet with Net Visor and so on. This means that after the testing is done for the resistant vest for an additional caliber and also those rifles specified in the NIJ standard, the inclusion of +A in the threat level is approved. 4+ watchers. Regardless if you're a first responder or a private security guard, you need the proper body armor to protect yourself in deadly situations. Another soft ballistic vest, Myeonje baegab, was invented in Joseon, Korea in the 1860s shortly after the French campaign against Korea.The Heungseon Daewongun ordered development of bullet-proof armor because of increasing threats from Western armies. High Strength Polyethylene is a type of synthetic material with a high strength to density ratio. While worldwide conflicts would see improvements in ballistic armor with the inclusion of metal plates, it wouldn't be until 1971 when Kevlar, a synthetic, bulletproof fiber, would be discovered. Test of our bullet proof vest level 3a against .357 SIG. This bulletproof vest is used by military, police, guards and bouncers. Look forward to ordering more items in the future! Sale Ends this WEEK! Covering the most essential organs of the body and made from eight layers of tightly woven silk, the mid-19th century bulletproof vest / body armor was more of a technological experiment than sold to the common individual for protection. S$ 1,332.10 to S$ 1,394.96. Level III A (3A) body armor is the highest level of protection you will find in soft body armor. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail. I am very satisfied with the quality & with the service I recieved. The ‘soft’ armors are designed to protect against most handgun and small arms ammunition, whereas ‘hard’ armors are designed to stop high caliber and armor piercing rounds. We have decided to continue the SALE price on this vest! I sent him a photo and he found exactly what I was looking for! Hard plates require the conjunction of soft ballistic vests to be considered as hard body armor. 10mm Auto The length of a vest doesn't matter as all vests come with adjustable shoulder straps. It offers protection against all handguns up to a .44 magnum. For shipping costs, we offer four tiers of shipping. GET YOURS NOW, BEFORE THIS PRICE ENDS!! The concealable bullet proof vest for sale is work under street clothesand allows the wearer to enjoy comfort and ease of movement thanks to its ergonomic design. The NIJ Threat Level 3A standard stops these common ammunition types. The velcro is in almost perfect condition as you can see in the photos. Everyone wants to be as safe as they can possibly be throughout the day and making sure that they are wearing body armor in dangerous situation is the best way for them tobe able to do that. 29 watching. Because we believe all individuals deserve to buy the protection they need, all of our BulletSafe Level IIIA Bulletproof Vests are priced at the affordable price of $299.99 (including tax). From Israel +C $1.30 shipping. The Difference Between Level II and Level IIIA Soft Armor Before buying any body armor, it is important to know the difference between the different levels of protection that are available. While we earnestly believe that all individuals, regardless of their background, deserve to buy the protection they need, unfortunately, we are unable to ship out bulletproof vests and/or body armor to individuals who have been convicted with a violent felony. Average: 5 (6 votes) Undercover security personnel have maximum protection in this ultrathin and ultralight bullet proof vest, designed to be fully concealed while meeting the requirements for body armor. All vests have a usable life of around 5 years and even less if you wear yours daily. Protective Materials-Soft Ballistic fabrics protection: Israel catalog is the leading Internet retail online store for Israeli made products and Jewish themed gifts, our offices are located in Israel, ensuring you get real genuine, made in Israel products from a verified Israeli source. A combination of ballistic materials, including polyetheline, make this bullet proof body armor vest incredibly light and thin. Obviously having any ballistic vest on is better than nothing between you and a knife attack – but it is not as "bullet-proof" as the pistol protection offered: “It should be noted that concealable ballistic-resistant body armor is potentially vulnerable to knife attack; hence, all officers should exercise due caution when confronted with these situations. " I purchased 2 Ultralight Concealable Goldflex/Kevlar Bulletproof Vest, Level IIIA from for my company. An NIJ Level 3A bulletproof vest designed to comfortably fit the body contour and thus maximizing immovability and functional efficiency without compromising maximum protection. I bought a DVD from Israel Catalog and the service was great. Discovered by Polish-American chemist Stephanie Kwolek, who worked at DuPont laboratories, Kevlar was then incorporated into bulletproof vests as a durable, sturdy, and bulletproof material. C $1,296.59 to C $1,357.78. Better and more comfortable then any other vest I tried. BulletSafe manufactures bulletproof vests, ballistic plates. If you are a business looking to purchase Level III or Level 3a bulletproof vests or other body armor in bulk, please contact us via email or phone. Level IV with a 3A Vest Supporting - Body … Concealable bulletproof vest that is lightweight, thin and easy to hide below a shirt or other clothing. Trusted by Israeli security forces. Whether the attacker is using a knife, razor, axe, or even an ice pick, the BulletSafe Level IIIA Body Armor can withstand any type of weapon. Can't spend enough on peace of mind. When picking the right bulletproof vest size, the most important thing to remember is that your T-shirt size is not the same as bulletproof vest sizing options. We have free shipping with delivery within 10-12 business days, ground shipping with delivery in 8-10 business days at $9.95, Priority Delivery with delivery within 5-7 business days at $14/95, and Accelerated Priority Deliver with deliver within 3-5 business days at $21.95. The Best Tactical Bulletproof Vest “We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.”. Law Enforcement. A loose vest may compromise your safety while a vest that is too tight around your stomach may restrict your movement/breathing. Why choose Israel-catalog bullet proof products: For Bulk Orders and other inquiries: contact our body armor expert. Especially for undercover police officers, you may also be in situations where you have to wear your bulletproof vest beneath a shirt. Coverage and comfort are awesome. The staff at was patient and knowledgeable. The BulletSafe Active Shooter Kit – 2 Plates & a Carrier, Body Armor Packages – Shoulder, Arm, & Leg Pads, About the BulletSafe Bulletproof Vest | Level III, One thing you will notice when purchasing your BulletSafe Level III body armor are pockets in the side of the vest.

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