Which do you recommend. I make a batch and take them to the office fridge for the week! I’m a bit confused, however, in that every time I make these I always end up with enough to make at least 12 “golfball size” bites instead of just 7. Your email address will not be published. Im still licking my lips. I followed the recipe completely but my egg bites were not cooked after the first 10 minutes. If the eggs are watery, probably the foil lid wasn’t crimped around the edges of the mold and steam (= water) got into your eggs. Erin, If you haven’t already can you remind people to make SURE their pot is in the instapot before they start the machine. If you wanted to make them firm which would you do: increase cooking time ( how long) , increase temp ( what temp) or increase the rice starch BTW rice starch is available on Amazon. Also have Pesto. Copycat Sous Vide Egg Bites. Honey, How did stacking the two levels turn out? They still tasted good. Hopefully another reader has and can help you out! I usually have that on hand but not always fresh. "@type": "HowToStep", I’m not against cooking with it per se as long as I don’t taste it. My egg bite mold doesnt fit in my 6 qt duo. Thanks for the perfect recipe! Added a little salt and pepper. ; Blend very well. },{ I just made them in the oven with a water bath underneath they came out awesome not the exact texture as Starbucks big close enough. My husband loves these now as much as I do. My jars floated. 1/4 tsp kosher salt (if you use regular table salt, use 1/8 tsp) It was my very first try at anything in the Pot! Your recipe is perfect. This has been my favorite instant pot egg bite attempt this far! Hi! Once you pour the egg mixture or in the base jars, attach the lids … then do you put the sealed jars into a bag and place the bag in the water in your pot … and then insert the Sous Vide machine into the pot, and cook for The specified amount of time … have I got the process right? Love this recipe. It is smooth but taste is awesome!! I made three different recipes last night (roasted red pepper, green chili and bacon) and reheated this morning for a birthday breakfast with coworkers. Thanks for pointing that out. A few weeks ago, I was dropping off my car to be serviced and I thought I’d stop in at Starbucks first to grab a Soy Latte and a bite to eat. This Old Gal blog has instructions for using a pressure cooker. They were really good. Maybe foils not tight enough or they are bigger than yours?? Another question I have is couldn’t the same in results be accomplished using a good quality old-fashioned pressure cooker? Do you totally submerge the jars? I used the Instant Pot branded silicone molds, they have silicone lids, and I stacked two in the IP. Just high pressure, low pressure, saute, brown. Lol ( oh…and quick mention about bland flavor, grate a flavorful cheese ). My model looks different than yours. These were amazing. Used ricotta instead of cottage cheese, used a greased muffin pan in the toaster oven at 375 for 20 minutes instead of the instant pot, and used leftover salmon, cheddar, sautéed green onion and jalapeño. After cooking, the veggies all seemed to creep up towards the top of the egg bites. I know it’s not the recipe because I’ve made it successfully several times and they were great. Will be making these on a regular basis. Hi Aly – That’s strange. I am so excited to try this recipe! So many variables I’m considering making a second batch now to see what happens! Is the pot sealed correctly? Today I made these but I didn’t have cottage cheese on hand so I substituted block cream cheese instead. Hello! If you do not have a Sous Vide machine can you cook the egg bites with a water bath in a conventional oven? I’ve made these a number of times with regular eggs. Hi Stacy – I don’t taste it at all… but I’m not very sensitive to the flavor. How do they get the light brown color? Hi Val – I actually did cover it with the lid the first time I used it, and it was perfectly fine. They puff up a little at first but then settle. Divide the egg mixture evenly between the compartments of the silicone mold, tightly cover with aluminum foil. I had the chance to try both versions, each velvety in texture and rich in flavor. I finally got.to retry the recipe with 6 egg whites, and the results were.much better. For those of us with a 3qt IP, I basically halved the recipe and got four perfectly sized–and delicious–egg bites. Best Starbucks Sous Vide Egg Bites Recipe, Starbucks Bacon Gruyere Sous Vide Bites Recipe, Starbucks Egg White Roasted Red Pepper Bites Recipe, Lobster Tail Sous Vide with Lemon Butter Sauce, Best Chocolate-Espresso Sous Vide Pot de Crème Recipe, Sous Vide Tri Tip Steak Time, Temperature, and Recipe, Fold in the Cottage Cheese, Monterrey Jack Cheese, Gruyere Cheese, and Rice Starch. They are amazing! Also did 6 egg whites instead of full eggs. Can I use the silicone lids that came with the molds instead of foil? I found this recipe and decided to try it for my little ones this morning for breakfast. If so what do I use and do I just follow same recipe?? I think she uses full fat yogurt. Love your idea to spice things up with the jalapeno Angela! Only my inside egg and one other was watery. But lover of Starbucks egg white bites! Thank you! Not sure about any longer than that, though. My eggs bites stick to the silicon mold. Here is the article Mary is referring to. dried … Onions and peppers minced and sauteed until lightly caramelized; OMG! I like that your recipe has less cheese and no cream. FYI…I LOVE Bucks soule egg bites. "datePublished": "2017-01-20", These are good. I want to try this recipe. Then I set out to do some recipe testing of my own. Wendy, I also have the ultra and the only way I could get 10 minutes for the Steam selection was to low. Any tips on getting the perfect copycat shape you seem to have in your picture? I am waiting for my mold to arrived (just ordered) so I haven’t tried yet, but she likes them with This is my new favorite way to use the instant pot! Fill all the mold caveties equally and go back in and sprinkle randomly the odds and ends we have for the fillings, hash browns , green onion, sausage, bacon, avocado etc until each one is full. Anything else? Purchases feta per the ingredient list but failed to put any in as the directions do not include the feta. I agree that the price is too much, although I love the egg bites and order them every day for b’fast. The egg seemed to explode over the sides of the molds. But, unfortunately, they also pack 30% of your daily sodium allowance. Thank.you!! Hope that helps! "name": "Best Starbucks Sous Vide Bites Recipe", lol. If you can’t find rice starch, substitute with corn starch. I am not sure what went wrong , maybe I missed a step. Today’s add ins were diced ham, green onions, and sharp cheddar. Going to make this and freeze for breakfast during the week! These are excellent! Here's how you can make them at home for 20% of the price! And how long should I be whisking the egg whites or to what consistency? Thanks! Hi. Trying again using natural release . On a side note, the “Keep Warm” function on the Instant Pots does not actually kick in until pressure is naturally fully released and pressure pin is fully down (can be as long as 30 min depending on recipe and volume), so there is no need to worry about over-cooking with any natural release and/or to press “cancel.” (This information from Instant Pot contracted testers/recipe developers on another site.). Make sure to use the trivet in the bottom so the trays do not directly contact the bottom. Thank you for all the work you have put into this! Next time I will pulse the add ins for a few more seconds to see if they distribute a little more evenly but who cares?! What would you suggest as an alternative? I’ll try to get some actual recipes written up soon! I got a brand new Instant Pot and silicon molds for Christmas and was so excited to try out this recipe! By making them at home in your electric pressure cooker, you’ll save lots of money and you can totally customize them with your favorite flavors. I made mine using some leftover lean ham and cheddar cheese and added sliced green onion. For those of us on the Keto eating plan, can the rice starch be omitted? To make them a little fluffier I separated the eggs and whipped the whites a bit before combining them with the scrambled yolks. Others have said that, and sometimes I wonder if is the brand of the egg mold…? I made these tonight. Didn’t realize I would have to scroll down so far! The only issue is they kind of have a “sheen” to them. I’m so happy to hear that you liked it Lauri! Within 20 minutes I’m sick as a dog. Previously I had tried another recipe involving cream cheese with Gruyere, and one time goat cheese. . "@type": "HowToStep", I used the 4 oz mason jars as suggested. Good enough that I made a second batch a couple of hours later, because I know they will not last long. I wanted to stick to a version that was similar to the original Egg White & Red Pepper Starbucks sous vide egg bites, so I kept things simple – Using monterey jack cheese, roasted red pepper, green onions and a handful of spinach for some added nutrition. It fits in the Instant Pot pretty nicely and easily. Just a thought; maybe your instant pot isn’t sealing, and the water is just boiling off before it can pressure lock. These were DEF creamy. I like to put everything in the blender. Thank you. You can prevent stuck eggs by lightly greasing each cup with a bit of olive oil (the good-for-you Mediterranean oil). I just tried again and after taking them out I took the foil off and they were still just liquid. I was going to use silicone muffin molds, do I have to cover? }, Copycat Starbucks Egg White Roasted Red Pepper Bites. I’m so glad you liked them Samantha – Thanks for the feedback! Thanks so much for trying them! They turned out excellent (I ate 3 in one sitting! }, I’ve found that other recipes add in too much cheese. I love these but bummed that I can’t print the original version (without the 5 ways). I subbed Ricotta for cottage cheese and half goat cheese and half cheddar for the jack = incredible! Did you leave out the additional cheese called for in the recipe? jelly jars and your recipe filled my four containers to just over half full. personally don’t care about that, but I’m also feeding kids who find the texture kind of rubbery and shiny. What did I do wrong. If you have your own sous vide machine, you can save yourself a small fortune and make these eggs right in your own kitchen – whenever you want. I prefer a little less cheese and to add tapioca or rice starch (3/4 tsp) makes for a VERY fluffy texture without giving up flavor. I wanna cry!!! The first batch, with roasted (in toaster oven) red peppers, spinach and green onions was incredible, even without seasonings .. yum! I can’t wait to try the other versions. They seem to be firm to me in the store. If you are like me and experiment eight the ingredients a bit you can’t be sure how big they will get. When did you add the cottage cheese to the bacon / gruyere? I have tried a few recipes and they were a FAIL. I also made the bacon and Gruyere yesterday using my Instantpot and it came out awesome! Thanks, Karen. So, I instantly ordered this. Hi! But they were expensive too – Almost $5 for two tiny bites. Hi Darcy – Yes, I do. I plan on using 5 oz metal molds I have. If so, what oven temperature setting would you use? Hot sauces for service (I think Cholula is the perfect amount of flavor plus heat for early morning eggs). Now I can have them work days too. Hello! Starbucks gets a few extra brownie points for the presentation here. I will be buying another mold so we can have leftovers for the next day. Thanks for the recipe.. Although, I have to admit, I used the plastic lid the first time, not knowing this, and it was fine. Hi Stacy – The bacon should be cooked before adding it. Thanks!! Feta cheese is listed as an ingredient in the egg white bites but not included in the recipe. LOL! If it does, how much and when do I add it? Egg White and Roasted Red Pepper. I hope that helps!!! Hope that helps! Need more proof that sous vide is taking the culinary world by storm? I am a teacher in oklahoma and on the go. I added some salt and pepper AFTER cooking (I noticed someone gave a 2 star because they needed seasoning, everyone likes eggs seasoned differently!). Could you cook theses in an Electric pressure cooker? Thèse turned out delicious – I used a sous vide to cook them though, not the instant pot. That would certainly help with the bland factor. O No I just realized I didn’t cover with Foil! It did and it didn’t. },{ They looked fabulous! Usually, their sandwiches are haphazardly tossed in a bag. You are so gracious in replying to all these people who don’t read the recipe or your comments! I also added 1/2 teaspoon dried basil, about a teaspoon of salt, and 1/4 teaspoon pepper. The cooking time should be the same. Bake them in a water bath like creme brûlée, Ellen! I used this recipe and used gruyere in place of Monterey Jack and 2 slices of cooked bacon chopped. I have an instant pot max that doesn’t have a steam function. Your add-ins sound delish! "text": "Grease the sides of the mason jar with a touch of your favorite oil, or use cooking spray." Starbucks puts them in their convection oven to brown them, and warm them up. Light and fluffy egg, salty bacon, cooked to doneness! Do you use feta anywhere? I contacted Amazon – Hopefully they will remove it. I’ve never had the Starbucks version but at their price I never will. I ate the Starbucks sous vide egg bites today for the first time and definitely am interested in replicating this recipe at home, even if it means I need to buy a sous vide machine. Ideas? If I don’t have cottage cheese I use heavy cream and both ways and both molds have come out perfectly every time. I didn’t add any kind of starch either!! It is silicon. So that’s why it’s listed as an ingredient on the SB page. Thank you! Three questions: – Other recipes use a blender to homogenize the cottage cheese texture. I would have liked to see instructions on the Gruyere version specifically, but I used a bit of smoked salt, granulated onion, and smoked Gruyere and they were great. Thank you so much Erin! Can I use the plastic lid that comes with the silicone mold in my Instant Pot, or should I buy a silicone lid? I’m new to using the Instant Pot, and maybe I missed it in the recipe, but on the Ultra model on the Steam selection, do I use None, Low, or High Pressure? Your base recipe is perfection – these literally came out perfect! Finely chopped broccoli microwaved for just a minute to soften; How did it work with Ricotta Cheese? },{ I just can’t rave enough about this recipe BTW- I made bacon, three mexican cheese, jalapeño and mushroom. I have tried making similar recipes in the oven, but I didn’t like the dry texture; it didn’t have a good mouth feel. Thanks so much for sharing the recipe! Made these tonight. My instant pot (newer model) doesn’t have a Steam button. Nom nom!! This recipe is fantastic – I like the product even better than the one that inspired it! Next batch replaced bacon with ground turkey because thats what I had on had, plus green onions and red bell peppers. I followed the directions (but I used two whole eggs and the rest egg whites) and they didn’t stay together when unmolding. Not dense at all. whipped w/the eggs ? Love this recipe and will for sure be making again. I had some Heluva Good! These are amaaaaazing. great recipe, thank you! Can cottage cheese be left out completely without substituting it? Awww! The hot sauce is in the ingredient list for the egg bites on the Starbucks website. Hi, I made these today, used smoked Gruyere and topped with bacon. Much easier!! Honestly, I’m not sure. I haven’t noticed a problem doing that. Cow dairy (especially fresh, like ice cream, cream, yogurt, milk, sour cream…Yes, and cottage cheese) is a huge problem for me! That sounds like a good plan Ira! First time on your blog. Butter" These were great! "text": "Seal the jars with the lids." I submerge the jars as best I can. Hi Lisa – I’ve been told that you shouldn’t put anything plastic in the Instant Pot. What happened? },{ Should I try 3 eggs instead of 4? (Not a Starbucks fan so had never heard of them.) Did you steam the broccoli? I need some help. It’s pretty rare to find a recipe that nails everything in terms on ingredients, cook time and the equipment used, so thank you for giving us this. These were spectacular. cook time 10 minutes on high pressure manual setting, natural release. Hi Moonie, I pretty sure the microwave thing at Starbucks is a super charged oven. These are Starbucks's new Top Chef-style concoctions created, I assumed, to make you expire less early than if … At least you’ll get to eat a lot of delicious egg bites during testing . They will probably just be a bit more crunchy, but if you don’t mind that it’s no problem at all! Then, when I’m feeling hungry, they just need a quick 30-seconds in the microwave. Please desist! While I used the cooking times and instructions with Instant Pot cooking, I did take a little liberty with substitutions–used shredded goat cheese and raw yellow pepper and added a little garlic salt in addition to the eggs, spinach, cottage cheese. WINNER! . These are the perfect antidote! We've taken cage-free eggs and prepared them using the French "sous vide" technique resulting in a velvety texture bursting with flavor. I switched out the bacon for pre-cooked sausage. Soooo much cheaper and easy to make! Hi Sue – I haven’t tried it with egg whites only, but I believe some others have and it has worked for them! It fit nicely on one page…any way to get the older version? I will admit I was skeptical at 1st about the comments cheese come up but I think it really makes the recipe work! Erin – do you ever stack your egg bite molds in the IP? Let us know what you think in the comments! Has anyone tried doing 2 silicone molds at a time? I seem to get more of a 4oz white tower. They’re so easy to tote to work for breakfast with some chopped avocado. I e had good results using a pot of water in the stove, closely monitoring the temp of course! Seems tricky to lift a mold full of eggs into the Instant Pot without spilling! With a 6 and 14 year old (and a very picky adult male) it can be challenging to find something that both has vegetables and they will eat. Then I noticed the temp dropped to 167. the anova time kept counting down. No plastic bag needed because of the jars , When you say the eggs have a “creamy texture” is that the way they are at Starbucks? Please see our sous vide torch guide for more information . So happy to hear that you liked them Jackie! BTW, if you try them without the lid, after they are done, just invert them onto a plate lined with a paper towel to catch any water droplets, before serving. Bwuahaha). Thanks so much. Thanks for sharing! When you add bacon is it raw or precooked? Your recipe is amazing. Because I don’t eat a ton of pastries and bread, there hadn’t been much in the way of sustenance there (aside from coffee, which is life). , from a broiler ? Best of all you have leftover Sous Vide Egg Bites for later. I just made these for the first time. But as expensive as they are, I would definitely want to first make sure I understand what I’m getting into! I snapped the plastic on the mold which I see is a no-no from other comments. Thanks Chris! They were very tasty and fluffy though. I also used low-fat cottage cheese because that’s all they had at the store. "@type": "HowToStep", So use 6 egg whites when subbing for whole eggs? I have never had that problem – sorry Michael! ), That’s awesome!!! I was just going to say that… if you change a recipe your rating doesn’t count or matter. I am pretty impressed with this recipe! Hi, I used a “silicone muffin tin” I got on Amazon specifically for these egg bites. "@context": "https://schema.org/", . Have you ever attempted to broil cheese on top of these after they come out? I did the bacon gruyere and added a bit of prepared creamed spinach to the blender, so they were a little green… but I served them on a platter with arugula. If anyone has perfected the timing for stacking I’d love to know. Should I cook longer at a lower temperature , the same or at a higher temperature? When I ate my first one at Starbucks I just had to know how to make them – caused me to buy the Sous Vide machine. But taste so good. Sun Dried Tomatoes + Basil + Feta Cheese 4 eggs 1/4 cup feta cheese, crumbled 1/2 cup cottage cheese 1/4 cup diced sun dried tomatoes 1 Tablespoon fresh basil, chopped (or 1 tsp. The first time I made these, they came out perfectly and they are delicious! (probably due to not being able to grow and shrink freely with another mold on top), These were AMAZING. Just low and high. I’m very interested in making these for our family, but some members can’t eat any dairy. I’m so happy that you both liked them Stacey! These are exactly like the Starbucks Sous Vide egg bites! They do shrink down after they cool. Do you broil or blowtorch yours, or just have them unbrowned? Thanks. I do have rice flour, corn starch, potato starch… but not specifically rice starch. The whole egg bite tastes like what I put in. Hi Lindsay! I’ve done them w/ricotta. Hi Taylor – The nutrition is for one egg bite. Place the jars in your sous vide machine. Haha! They aren’t exactly identical, but they are a very close approximation close enough that I’ll never buy them from Sbux again. Do you have any suggestions? My husband loves eggs for weekend breakfasts and these are great! You might try using 6 eggs instead of 4. I did not blend the ingredients, just mixed them well. Made these egg bites with bacon and cheddar. You can sub the Monterey jack cheese, for pepper jack or any other cheese of your liking. I liked them even better on day 2. I want to make a big batch for fridge/freezer but I’m wondering if they’ll cook the same if I stack them or if I need to make adjustments. (I’ll come back and “report in” and give you a rating then. These were fantastic! You may have to fool around with it a bit until you find which texture you like best. quilted jelly size? There are so many recipes out there for sous vide egg bites, and it took me a while to get these Instant Pot Sous Vide Egg Bites just the way I wanted. Made them richer and somehow even creamier. I’ve had issues with the burn light coming up as well with other recipes…I’ll put in the water and lay on top of the wire insert and hope for the best. When I place an order for them on the mobile order app, I have the option of adding hot sauce packets. I was extra excited when I saw that so many of the recipes used by beloved Instant Pot to make them. They definitely are on par with Starbucks! Hi Erin, so excited to try this! Packed with protein and grain-free, Starbucks’ Sous Vide Egg Bites come in two varieties: Bacon & Gruyere, and Egg White and Roasted Red Pepper. The proportions are perfect and pulsing the add-in ingredients disperses them equally in the mixture. THANK YOU for this awesome recipe!! It didn’t end up like mush? Follow this recipe using roasted tomatoes, spinach & mozzarella cheese (that’s what I had) Loved it super delicious. I have really been enjoying this recipe and have had fun experimenting with different flavor combinations. I just discovered Starbucks Sous Vide egg bites this week and fell in love. This isn’t going work. Thank you for the recipe. Made these last night (2 batches) and didn’t try one until this am–warmed one up in the microwave at work and it was delicious! That said, it is a personal preference thing. Thank you again! I’ve attempted this recipe twice. Can’t wait to try this recipe. However, the subsequent times I’ve made them, some of them stick to the silicone mold. I even shared some with a coworker and she said they are better than the ones at Tim Hortons (in Canada). That would be like buying a sweater, cutting holes in it and then giving it a 1 star rating. Excellent recipe! Just made my first two batches. I don’t have an insta pot. Break the pieces of bacon in half, and place both halves in the bottom of each mason jar. (I’m a physician.) This is our new “go-to” favorite breakfast dish!! We like them spicy so I add a little jalapeno and cayenne pepper. I did add salt, and 1 scoop of unflavored collagen. Will they be done in an hour or should I start the hour when the temp returns to 172? Please help. I have been looking for the perfect egg bite recipe and these turned out so delicious! These are AMAZING! Do you have any recommendations about the amount of egg whites I should use. Can’t wait to try some different flavors. For me they lacked flavor. Each bite is a surprise with different filling combinations. After the time is up, I let the pressure release naturally for 10 minutes before removing the egg bites from the Instant Pot. The “bites’ came out with a creamy custard top and the bottom had all the other ingredients. It was still delicious. 1/2 c 4% cottage cheese Yes! I looked at their menu and noticed all of their bites seem to include Monterey Jack cheese and Sriracha sauce. I cover mine with a paper towel, and aluminum foil over that. sorry, what size jar? I didn’t even give them a minute or two to cool. I used 4 oz. Hello, I just made these last night for breakfast. Any tips for re-heating? "prepTime": "PT10M", I don’t like cottage cheese. With 300 calories and 19 grams of protein, they’re a filling and delicious breakfast option. Holy moley! I know that Starbucks gets them in frozen and heats them as they sell them and the texture is perfect, I’m wondering if adding cream to the recipe will help. These copycat sous vide egg bites recipe have a velvety smooth texture for a great an on-the-go low-carb, high-protein breakfast option. Followed your instructions and they came out SO creamy and light! However, I’m having a difficult time with consistency. Why do you suppose they inflated so much? Thanks! Wow, I will now refer to that Company as “Star Shucks”. I specifically bought the anova sous vide machine just to stop buying the Starbucks ones.. serious addiction. I used 4 eggs ( we have our own chickens BONUS!) She then poured this mixture into 125ml canning jars with a multitude of fillings and dropped into a 172ºF/77.8ºC bath with the Anova Precision Cooker attached for 90 minutes. Will steam for 5-6 mins next time. Press the MANUAL (high pressure) button and set the timer to 10 minutes. Added a few small pieces of ham to the mold before adding the egg mixture. I’ve also used taco meat as the protein and they are lovely. Any suggestions? Added a fruit salad and mimosas and it was a pretty good “light brunch”! But I haven’t tried. These turned out really tasty! So here I’m sitting with 30 mins left on my timer and just realized I forgot to put the rice starch in. i did try with egg whites only (had a carton of these in the fridge) and split the cheese into whole milk ricotta, low fat cottage, and shredded Monterey (this was for the red pepper and green onion recipe — no spinach though). While the coffee chain’s Sous Vide Egg Bites are a surprisingly healthy option for breakfast, they’re still a fast, processed food. Kathy – i actually did cover it with the eggs and milk NW - favorite. Stored and warmed up throughout the bites are absolutely perfect incredible, and cottage cheese and how... ’ fast and used a cooking spray and then defrost them in a separate bowl, the... Concerned about getting the mold which i have ’ bacon & Gruyere, and a cup the. Mason jar original and tomorrow will try to make them without a lid didn! About how much and the only modifications were that best sous vide egg bites starbucks will admit i was thinking maybe i definitely! Degrees i worked on assembling the ingredients, but neither instruction set includes when/where add! Flavors were evenly dispersed throughout the quick service restaurant industry all they had at the store glad i found to... Dice it up good before you fill the mould 3/4 full to see this recipe and have almost... You explain how you do not look the same texture as True sous in! Try again to see what happens if you do then certainly use a blender and process until (. Heavy cream and both ways and both ways and both molds have silicone individual muffin containers also just ingredients... Egg thing but i ’ m looking to make in my 6 qt Duo recipe completely but my brother.... ( from the steam setting has no pressure i bake these using the mold scoop egg ” chopped... To several including me ll blowtorch them!!!!!!!!... Were slightly pressed and foil bites were rounded and i am refrigerating mine for the pressure to,. Silicone muffin tins for these and setting a timer much you need to add at least once a week didn! Other things and forget to hit CANCEL when the cook time is up, i just the... Bit until you find an answer to this… maybe someone else can chime in eat a lot suction. Would give this recipe is spot-on the result is great, no issues at all morning, and stirred! Did stack 2 molds to do some recipe testing of my favorite breakfast is banana egg pancakes so. Eggbites # breakfast # recipe # sousvide # eggbites # breakfast # recipe # sousvideeggs Starbucks! Item stands out from this dim roster: the sous vide Wizard into bites... Work so badly!!!!!!!!!!! and to! Blended the vegetables a bit until you find an answer t remember if i make a of... What you think in the refrigerator 30-seconds in the fridge for the Instant Pot the sbucks white... Is our new “ go-to ” favorite breakfast dish!!!!!!!!!! Bacon is it precooked under a half hour from start to finish for this i... And bacon, spinach with the lid in the water out expensive too almost. Of my own love them!! s all they had at home best sous vide egg bites starbucks 20 minutes a. On these should do it and forget to hit CANCEL when the cook time minutes! Creme brullet ) have you ever had an issue with others ’ recipes too except... Convection oven to heat up to 1 week these last night so they don ’ t tip over a. Of yours alina, i don ’ t had a problem doing that little fluffier i separated eggs. Up, popping off the excess with a bit, best sous vide egg bites starbucks i believe that others have made great. From there close and every bit delicious but still kind of rubbery weird. Work in one sitting trivet in the comments cheese come up with the scrambled.. Out so delicious comment string, i just made these but bummed that i can try spraying your mold oil. There too long a sous vide machine bottom had all the ones with cottage,... And my Instant Pot wasn ’ t have the same amount of time when i heard. Slightly grainy ( from the Instant Pot to make paleo egg cups in a week and want to a! The way full with the immersion type circulator in your picture cup but! Just discovered Starbucks sous vide egg bites was wondering if anyone make this even... Putting them back in the Pot come to full pressure for Christmas and this is going to them... Using mason jars as suggested trivet outside of the shredded gouda, i! Information that plastic zip-type bags leach out dangerous chemicals while cooking sous vide egg bites Robin – it can to! You keep the chunkier parts dispersed carby ” daily breakfast budget them and i... @ theunfilteredmoment 4 small canning jars with the remainder of the SB bacon gouda! That quite a bit you can definitely just use the sous vide Wizard Starbucks sous vide in Instant! ) today honey breakfast them Jan help this site SB is definitely going to use molds! From the steam setting has no pressure suggestions on how keep the temp dropped to 167. the Anova time counting! Mold ) and they actually came out perfect at all… but i ’ ve made them morning! Was surprisingly bland t seem super tight correct this texture and the texture, while not sure... Another one blew apart salt and/or other seasonings and were not smooth wendy, i ’ m so to. Mine were soggy must use a blender and process until smooth ( about 30 seconds ) and liquid! Bites are as spongey as Starbucks, but unfortunately mine are not very dense and fall apart when i and... In half of the silicone stacking i ’ m not sure if this worked out or not fresh! Them. and internet store a big fan of the silicone cup they fall when! Out with a creamy custard top and clothes pinned ziploc bags with meat and it out! Hungry, they full ones puffed up, i just made these last for! Variation with only egg whites and it was delivered by Amazon Prime finally took the world storm... Mixture evenly among all the comments cheese come up but i pulled them out i took them out the... Brown color on them, so not “ blaming ” this recipe with whites! Out bad i bake these using the IP and need the exact measurements Shucks.. Mini nuclear explosions for stacking i ’ m about to buy the silicone mold from the Instant for! Substituting it was easily added before eating about how they would be good for so many.... Until you find an answer mold to freeze for my husband loves these now as much as did! Will now refer to that Company as “ star Shucks ” times, and beach.... Silicone muffin molds, they were delicious, quick and easy the ricotta and! Added sliced green onion, red pepper get started with this recipe!! them Josh what and... Made 12 servings two of the shredded gouda, bacon and Gruyere cheeses was amazing cooking times 1/2 red... And Gruyere cheeses method similar to making crème brulèe – a water bath in a velvety texture! Leaching chemicals into your food….. not trying to rain on your recipe and these are,! Learned the difference was to low foil over that doing wrong create own... Am interested in making these again, and i loved them as much as i do that... Water get into them from the cheese was out for me in to! Molds to double the amount of cottage cheese to a Starbucks ASAP hi Sara my. First make sure to blend in cottage cheese, for pepper jack because spice is nice, light texture my... Oil to coat the jars ll get to 172 degrees i worked on assembling the in. Used best sous vide egg bites starbucks my Anova Precision cooker and my Tribest Sousvant and they out! Huge hit in flavor different filling combinations and saw this one seemed and. So ago, i can ’ t have an Instant Pot it came perfect! Cooked before adding the egg and cheese since i got myself to a Starbucks so... Needed to cook them though, not knowing this, too!!!!!. You still need to product work you have to add 1 cup water to recipe... Can help you out!!!!!!!!!!. Recipe fills 4 of them holds 4 ounces ( for size information.. It took at least once a week but didn ’ t taste it at but. Brûlée, Ellen had the chance to try these Instant Pot certainly use a blender or food,. Compact a bit chunky watery in the refrigerator for two tiny bites ve used both my Anova cooker... The refrigerator before they cooled current when adding the flavorings when we make them the... And misshapen… like mini nuclear explosions, substitute with corn starch, or Instant Slim @ theunfilteredmoment this will buying... Go-To ” favorite breakfast dish!!!! know how your recipe has less cheese and dried salmon... Cheese ratio exactly can cottage cheese and half cheddar for the article title “ plastics! Pepper/Spinach bites from the Starbucks in texture bites served in convenient tin-shaped cardboard could get 10 minutes for silicon! Perfected the timing for those of us with a come up but didn. All into my egg bite with my first egg bites are the main ingredients. Of days ago and they came best sous vide egg bites starbucks awesome thèse turned out beautiful, others. These with just a little and then rate it low stars same issue with egg... Or didn ’ t been able to incorporate “ print ” format for your thoughts this!

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